FPT RONIN is a horizontal travelling column milling machine capable of accomplishing a wide range of machining requirements for die & mould making, aerospace applications and general machining.

Thanks to its innovative shape design and dimensioning obtained by means of structural analysis, RONIN grants exceptional values of static and dynamic rigidity. These factors are decisive in achieving high speed machining and acceleration together with high accuracy in finishing and contouring.

The RONIN structure is entirely made of special cast iron and distinguishes itself from other products by the symmetry of the guiding systems as well as the moving axes and the thermal symmetry on the cross-vertical plane.

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Modeliai ir specifikacijos

Tipas Griebtuvo dydis Darbas iš strypo Suklio greitis Maks. tekinimo diametras Maks. tekinimo ilgis Priedai
FPT Ronin 300 - - 5000 RPM,7000 RPM,14000 RPM,18000 RPM,22000 RPM,28000 RPM - - -
FPT Ronin 400 - - 5000 RPM,7000 RPM,14000 RPM,18000 RPM,22000 RPM,28000 RPM - - -

Green Machining

Green machining er et buy-back-koncept, hvor vi tilbyder dig at købe en Doosan-maskine tilbage, hvis den er købt hos os. Herefter restaurerer vi den og giver den et nyt liv hos en ny kunde.

Det kalder vi ansvarlighed.

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Green Machining