FPT VERUS is a high-performance milling machine which has inherited the philosophy and the ergonomic solutions of the FPT RONIN.

Many features differentiate VERUS from the competitors’ machines in this segment. First, the monolithic structure of the column, which integrates the sliding longitudinal saddle. This characteristic gives VERUS a lowered trimmed morphology (patent). This morphology reduces the distance between longitudinal travel (X-axis of the column) and cross travel (Y-axis of the ram), thus decreasing the bending and overturning moment of the column due to the forces released during machining and a drastic reduction of inertia.

Furthermore, this patented solution requires no embedding of the machine in the foundation pit, just a concrete bed at floor level. This results in a 50% saving on foundation costs at the beginning. Furthermore, in case the machine is subsequently moved, there is no need to re-establish the floor, thus avoiding further costs and troubles.

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Modeliai ir specifikacijos

Tipas Griebtuvo dydis Darbas iš strypo Suklio greitis Maks. tekinimo diametras Maks. tekinimo ilgis Priedai
FPT Verus 250 - - 5000 RPM,7000 RPM,14000 RPM,18000 RPM,28000 RPM - - -
FPT Verus 360 - - 5000 RPM,7000 RPM,14000 RPM,18000 RPM,28000 RPM - - -

Green Machining

Green machining er et buy-back-koncept, hvor vi tilbyder dig at købe en Doosan-maskine tilbage, hvis den er købt hos os. Herefter restaurerer vi den og giver den et nyt liv hos en ny kunde.

Det kalder vi ansvarlighed.

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Green Machining