FPT Tessen EVO

FPT Tessen EVO is the travelling column type milling machine entrusted with the important task of reviving the success achieved throughout the world by the moving table milling machine mod.model? LEM.

In line with the latest production of innovative travelling column type milling machines such as Ronin and Verus, Tessen EVO also develops the concept of fixed table and moving column machines with some very important special characteristics. Tessen EVO is equipped with a big bed integrating the longitudinal sliding guideways of the column with the floorplate; the whole generously dimensioned.

Furthermore, the guideways of the longitudinal movement of the bed are placed on an inclined plane at a minimum distance from the floorplate allowing exploitation of all the daylight both vertically and horizontally. This grants utmost stiffness and maximum reaction to the machining thrust.

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Modeliai ir specifikacijos

Tipas Griebtuvo dydis Darbas iš strypo Suklio greitis Maks. tekinimo diametras Maks. tekinimo ilgis Priedai
FPT TessenEvo - - 5000 RPM,7000 RPM,10000 RPM,12000 RPM,14000 RPM,15000 RPM,18000 RPM,22000 RPM - - -

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